Programs at Elena’s Light

Refugee and immigrant families are provided the tools they need to cultivate and exercise their individual independence through various programs.


Women enrolled in health classes in 2023




ESL Hours Tutored in 2023

Elena’s Light Legal Advocacy

Elena’s Light developed and intensified advocacy efforts in the legal realm to address the influx of refugees who desperately need assistance.

EL Child Wellness Program

Created specifically to address the needs of elementary and middle school children resettled from Afghanistan and Iraq in New Haven County, CT

Elena’s Light Community

At Elena’s Light, we have always taken great pride in fostering the development of cross-cultural friendships between our clients and volunteers.

COVID-19 Response

Elena’s Light Fellows are hard at work sewing fabric masks that will be available for purchase very shortly!


EL Health offers interactive, accessible educational program taught by licensed clinicians.


ESL is our one-on-one English as a second language tutoring program. It was purposefully…