Program Overview

​EL Health is an interactive in-home health education program taught by licensed health professionals at the Yale-New Haven Health System.  Our health education program focuses on addressing the many barriers to healthcare for refugee and immigrant populations.  Our goals are to increase health literacy, encourage patient autonomy, and help clients practice good health behavior.  Interpreters are provided to ensure the client understands the teachings, and as always, classes are 100% free of charge.

This program is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Blossom Hill Foundation, and our community partner, Y-HEALAR and EMPOWER.

  • Health Education (general health, topics vary)
  • Children Health Education
  • Women’s Prenatal Health (if you are pregnant)
  • Vaccines (COVID-19 information, testing, vaccine, and safety)
  • Mental Health Education and parenting

We have also participated in health conferences. Details to come.

Education and Literacy

  • EMPOWER Program In collaboration with Emotion Program Outside the Clinic with Wellness Education for Refugees (EMPOWER), we host a summer program for children. During the summer camp, children follow the EMPOWER curriculum for four weeks. During this time, families and children play their way through social-emotional learning, coping mechanisms, physical activity, family emotional literacy learning, and more.
  • Ambassador Classes– In collaboration with Yale Health Education and Literacy for Asylees and Refugees (Y-HEALAR), we run a multi-class ambassador program with two health ambassadors this year. Throughout the program, participants are taught to lead a health class on their own and develop the skills and knowledge they need to be health educators.
  • Women’s Health Workshops- These workshops focus on stress management, parenting, mindfulness, nutrition, and more.We have approximately 120 participants per year.


  • Vaccine Clinic- (offered online and in-person) We’re raising awareness on vaccines for refugees to understand the immune system, the importance of immunization, dispelling common myths about vaccines, and more. We create a welcoming allowing clients to ask about specific concerns to their situation. We create accessible presentations in all the languages below online for further reference and expand access to those who couldn’t participate in the workshop. The content is taught in Dari, Pashto, & Arabic.
  • National Association of Regional Councils  (NARC) conference– The annual conference and Exhibition is the largest national event focused on promoting effective regional cooperation and solutions through interaction and education. Held annually in June, representatives of Councils of Government and Metropolitan Planning Organizations — leadership, professional staff, board members, local elected officials, technical and program staff — share best practices and learn about relevant issues. Speakers include experts from the public and private sector, congressional and state lawmakers, and individuals from universities and non-profit organizations.
  • Mental Health America Conference– in June of 2022, Elena’s Light representatives shared their research and expertise and offered practical approaches for addressing our nation’s refugee mental health crisis.
  • Photovoice Worldwide– in October 2022, Elena’s Light representative, Rachel spoke of her experience running a Photovoice activity with refugee youth earlier in the year with Wesleyan University.


  • PCORI Project– Elena’s Light, in collaboration with faculty at the Yale School of Medicine, are leading a project funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (EASO 30519). The team has established a committee of clinicians, researchers, community stakeholders, and refugees to train in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research and develop a shared set of research priorities in refugee health.
  • Muslim Mental Health Conference– This is a yearly conference. Elena’s Light represenatives participate and share insights about the health and cultural differences among refugee children and women. In 2022, we share aabout the impact of COVID-19 on refugee mental health, and how Elena’s Light adapted its approach to healthcare in response.
  • North American Refugee Health Conference–  in Cleveland in June 2022, Elena’s Light representatives and researcher Joseph Williams, from Yale’s School of Public Health, spoke about COVID’s impact on refugee families, and how our organization is striving to help families as we emerge out of the pandemic.

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